Hi Mary, Cassandra and Nikki had a fantastic time at Meaghan’s Music Room! Each day when we would pick them up they said they had a great time spending time with both you, Christian and the friends they made. We would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the program. The work you do with our children is to be commended and is so appreciated. Your organization gives individuals living with intellectual disABILITY an opportunity to express themselves through music and give them the confidence they need to take on the WORLD!!! On behalf of Cassie's Place Day Program THANK YOU 💓 and we look forward to further opportunities in the future.

Cassie's Place Day Program


The Meaghan’s Music Room operates from Tisho’s Music Academy and is focused on providing music lessons to those who struggle with their own life challenges.

Meaghan’s Room is a resource for those with mental and physical challenges to pursue their passion of music, and  lead them to explore more confident and creative lives.

MISSION STATEMENT: To use the power of music in a creative, engaging way to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities within the community we serve, and create opportunities for acceptance and respect within the community at large.

VISION STATEMENT: To Heal, To Deliver joy, happiness, hope, and To Provide a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. 

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“When words fail, Music speaks .”

Hans Christian Andersen