Do you have a question about Meaghan’s Music Room or our work to improve the lives of Special Needs individuals locally?

Here are the answers to the questions that we get most often. Feel free to contact us for more answers.

The purpose of MMR is to plan, organize and execute therapeutic music classes for individuals with physical and/or neurological disabilities.

At age 5, Meaghan Zaremba received a severe brain injury from a car accident, and faced an extremely challenged life in a wheelchair with minimal capabilities. But Meaghan gradually overcame her challenges, crediting her exposure to music as a key factor in her recovery. Today, Meaghan walks, talks, plays the piano, reads music, sings, and studies the clarinet and flute.

Meaghan’s experience with the healing power of music is what inspired her, and others, to create MMR in 2013, so that others with disabilities might experience similarly dramatic and impressive results.

Over the years, through the dedicated fundraising work of volunteers and friends, more and more students were able to be added to the program. By 2017, the list of individuals waiting eagerly to participate exceeded the funding capabilities of the founders. It was clear that there was a need to widen the circle of partners and provide consistent growth for existing and new students.

So, in 2018, a group of community-minded leaders and advisors worked together to transform MMR into the Not-for-profit Charitable Organization it now has become.

The music program provided by the Meaghan’s Music Room is the only one of it’s kind in our small community. Most of the special needs individuals who attend, are young adults who have no government funding. This program has become part of their daily routine, and they anxiously await to attend classes each week. The success stories are numerous, and over the years we have seen young people who couldn’t speak, suddenly be able to talk and sing……wheelchair bound students

will suddenly stand up and dance, autistic students experience complete calm and serenity while listening to live classical music. Individuals from our community experience this every week, and we have a waiting list to add more students.

But, to keep this program going, we need the financial assistance of people like you. Your donation makes this happen for them. Feel free to review our testimonials section, and read about the ways our program touches the lives of students and their sponsors.

Professional Music teachers provide structured and disciplined music instruction such as:

  • dance through rhythm & movement
  • learning theory through the use of flash cards to recognize treble clef, bass clef, etc.
  • sing along using karaoke machine with various music genres
  • rock/jam sessions using drums, piano, guitars, & all hand held percussion instruments
  • recording & playback of their class music sessions
  • teachers play live classical music on the piano for listening pleasure (this is particularly helpful for non-verbal, brain-injured individuals)

Head Office and most of the activities are carried out on the premises of Tisho’s Music Academy, located at 29 McEwan Drive West, 2nd floor,   Bolton, ON  L7E 1H4.

MMR does not  collect fees from the individuals. We cover the costs of session fees by sponsoring them in whole or in part, depending on our financial capabilities. A nominal fee is assessed from the organization that refers a need for their mentally and physically handicapped students to be enrolled.

Grants often provide complete funding for various specific activities,  and individual or corporate donations offset other costs.

 The students from these associations are designated by criteria established by those organizations, based primarily on the student’s desire to attend, the association’s evaluation of the benefits derived from the student’s participation, and the sponsorship funds and transportation capabilities available.

MMR is proud of the fact that our administrative percentage is approximately 10%, which makes us comparable to some of the best-rated charities in Canada.

The Board of Directors and it’s Officers is an all-volunteer organization, with no compensation.

We try to provide flexible levels of involvement. The cost is dependent on the frequency of sessions set up for a student, based on the financial commitment that can be comfortably maintained. We typically set up 1-hour sessions for compatible groups of 4-7 students, in order to maximize the enjoyment and learning experience. Some groups have sessions twice a week.

If a donor wishes to provide funds so that a new student can experience the program, a $1500 donation would enable them to participate for approximately a year.

Yes, provided you have legal authority to act on  their behalf, contact us for an application and the various procedure methods.

Once in the program, students tend to remain from year to year, due to the immense enjoyment they get from it. While preference is given to existing students, based on available funds, it is our goal to provide long-term involvement in our program for each individual. Ongoing participation for individual or association students is determined by  regular assessment from their supervisory association, or their familial caregivers. Since donations cannot be attributed to any one individual, we are unable to specifically subsidize a multi-year period.

Individuals of any age, with physical and/or neurological disabilities, can apply for funding through several agencies and directly. Feel free to contact us for an application and the procedure methods.

Yes, new registration is evaluated on a quarterly basis, however.

Fundraising , Grant Officers, Advisory, and Marketing/Campaigning roles are always welcomed. Bring your talents and join our team!

Vulnerable sector and Police checks form part of our Risk management policies.

Likewise, Privacy rules form part of our Risk management policies.

Our vision is to heal, and bring joy, happiness, and hope, by providing a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves.

MMR sponsors high quality, affordable, and accessible music therapy services for people with disabilities, in a creative, engaging and focused way. It is our mission to use the power of music to enrich the lives of individuals within the community we serve, and create opportunities for acceptance and respect within the community at large.

Most of our funding comes from groups such as:

Local Service Clubs, – the Kinsmen Club of Bolton and the Palgrave and Bolton Rotary Clubs

Corporations – Various local and regional community-minded businesses are generously involved each year.

Organizations – Brampton Caledon Community Foundation ,White Birch Day Program, GOALS, and Cassie’s Place , among others, partially subsidize their attendees

Grants – from the Town of Caledon, Ontario Trillium Foundation and other sources.

Individual donations from community-minded people

Fundraising events – such as raffles, etc

Our multiple fundraising projects are designed to meet our annual costs in sponsoring the existing program. Our goal is to provide growth to generate increased the numbers of individuals that can experience our program. Current funding only covers a portion of our sponsorship costs. We hope to reach annual funding of $50,000, so that we can maximize the participation both in number of students, and session times available.

Charitable organizations are limited in what they can do in recognizing their patrons who receive tax receipts for their donations. To the extent that is commonly seen and allowed, we endeavour to provide recognition for our generous donors in various media.

For those that prefer a simple receipt for business expenses, more substantial public recognition is allowed.

Students are referred to MMR by local and regional associations that establish a need or desire for their mentally and physically handicapped individuals to take part in recreational or therapeutic music sessions. The students from these associations are designated by criteria established by those organizations, based primarily on the student’s desire to attend, the association’s evaluation of the benefits derived from the student’s participation, and the sponsorship funds and transportation capabilities available.

Individual students not associated with a supervisory organization, similar to any music student at a varying skill level, are generally selected after an interview, usually with their parent or guardian, to establish schedule, transportation, degree of socialization, and class size capabilities.

Donations via CanadaHelps or  PayPal allow for credit card donations

Also, ETF  through our email address,  or by cheques to our head office.

Yes.  A donor may be able to direct a gift towards a person, family, or other specific donee, but only if they have been identified or enrolled beforehand by MMR as a recipient of its charitable program. However, when a donation is specifically directed where MMR does not have ultimate control over donated funds, or when a benefit accrues to the donor from donated funds, (such as a family member), these funds are not eligible for a Tax receipt.

As a registered Charity, MMR is able to provide tax receipts for qualified donations.

A tax receipt can be issued for each gift in kind (non‐cash) donation, based on the fair market assessment of the donation.

No, as the sessions are of limited time period and usually only one day a week.

To keep this program going, we need the assistance of people like you. With a donation of $1500,  you can help us sponsor a student to participation in weekly music sessions that could change a life.

The important benefit of our cause continues to be recognised by community leaders.